What Is an Eye Stye

Eye is integral and irreplaceable for a human body and therefore needs utmost care and hygiene. An infection in the eyelid which causes a tender red lump to form on the eyelid is a stye. Eye styes mostly occur on the edge of the eyelids. Rarely when a stye occurs on the inside it is called as an internal hordeolum. Most of the styes do not require any treatment and dissolve away on their own. A chalazion appears like a stye but is normally bigger in size and may not hurt.

Styes and chalazia are sometimes linked to blepharitis which is a common problem that leads to inflammation of the eyelids. Bacterial infections usually cause a stye. When the root or the follicle of the eyelash is infested with bacteria it leads to the stye. Similarly, when the internal eyelid is infested with an infection it is called as an internal hordeolum. If this internal hordeolum does not heal it may convert into a chalazion.

A chalazion starts as a firm lump or cyst under the skin of the eyelid. Unlike styes, chalazia usually don’t hurt. They grow slowly as compared to styes but if the chalazion gets large enough, it may narrow your vision if left untreated. It is actually the external inflammation and swelling around the eye that affects the vision.

However, a stye usually begins as a small red pimple along the edge of the eyelid and then swells in a day or two. The lump can point either outward or inward. The lump may appear as a visible whitish or yellowish spot that appears like a large pimple. In two to three days time, the lump melts and the pus or liquid from it flows out on its own. Styes normally take about a week to heal. Some common symptoms are redness with some pain and tenderness, swelling of an area which seems like a bump, tearing of the eye and discomfort in blinking and often sensitivity towards light.

A stye or a chalazion is diagnosed by a detail examination of the eyelid. Usually it is difficult to ascertain the difference between a stye and a chalazion. In case of a hard lump, it is often diagnosed as a chalazion.

Different Kinds of Treatment

The way on how to get rid of an eye stye varies according to the intensity of the stye. Home treatment such as warm and wet compress are very effective when it is beginning to form. A warm and wet compress for five to minutes, five to six times a day is advisable. This helps in opening of blocked pores so that they drain and heal faster. Over the counter eye washes, eye ointments, medicated eye drops are also effective in eye stye treatment. Medicated pads such as Ocusoft Lid scrub are also useful. Just remember not to squeeze open the stye. Also avoid wearing makeup on the eyelids and contact lenses until it has healed. It is always advisable to use drugs and antibiotic medicines only with medical supervision.

Surgical treatment of some stubborn styes may be required but very rarely. Most of the times, the styes heal with common yet effective eye stye treatment. Go here and read more about it.