Sick Kids

When a child is sick, they become so vulnerable.

Your heart goes out to them, but I have to admit it makes me a little happy, too.

Recently my oldest son, Nick, age 11, threw up on a school field trip to the museum.

He felt queasy. First he tried to sleep it off behind one of the glass cases. But when he stood up, barf! On the museum floor.

He came home, went straight to bed. I’d been working in my home office.

I tucked him in. I offered him drinks, snacks.

“Dad, I just need to sleep, I’m so tired.”

Maybe it’s just me, I was assailed by horrible thoughts. What if he has appendicitis, and those were his last words.

Cut to me brushing past the news media. “I can’t talk right now. His last words were ‘Dad I’m so tired.'”

But when he woke up he was fine. That is, he puked a couple more times, into the bowl provided by yours truly, but eventually recovered. Kids get so sick; then they recover so quick. It’s alarming and amazing.

The thing is, he was so sweetly vulnerable during his convalescence. He’s been so independent. It was the first time in a long time,. I realized, he needed me like that.

I have to admit, I sort of…savored it.

Is it sick of me to have that feeling? Is that some kind of Munchhausen’s-by-proxy type thing? Do I need to get more of a life?

Personal review from the editor:

I feel our kids are growing up way to fast.our little babies that depend on us for every move that they make, all of a sudden wake up one day and don’t need us so much anymore.they wake up in the morning want to get there own breakfast,Woolf it down and out they go off to school for 6 1/2 hours then come home long enough to get homework done and outside again till it’s time to eat.if you go out side to be with them in the park and their with their friends well that’s just a big No No how embarrassing to have your mom or dad there with your friends.then it’s bed time come tuck me in, but No kiss.

(I’m much to old for that).

Well ok maybe on the cheek. I say I Love you have a good sleep.And get a returned goodnight.So I repeat I Love you then get I Love you in return. Are they really to old for kisses and saying I Love you. Hmmm..

So we as parents don’t get to see our kids needy or vulnerable unless they are hurt or sick.

On weekends they are off all day playing with the friends that they see all week at school.

So at last one day a week is mine with my kids we pick a day for family day we do everything together for the day then at night we can cuddle on the couch ad watch a movie have popcorn/Chips or whatever.

it’s a special day for me to spend time with my kids.

they don’t seem to get sick to often so I decided to take a day a week it’s my day with the kids and I enjoy it.