The following tips will help in buying high quality essential oil: After determining the proper oil from a qualified health professional, visit a genuine dealer of genuine establishments .Primary importance should be for the quality of the item than the cost. Ask the vendor to provide free samples. This may help in testing or verifying […]

Eat like crazy: Britney Spears says she’s sugar free

I’m not sure if I should say this (or type it even) out loud, but I officially have something pretty big deal in common with Britney Spears. No, it’s not blond extensions. Sadly, not even a future project with JT. It’s not fishnets (OK, we do have a love of fishnets in common, but I […]

Are you happy or not

I think happiness is one of the highest goals to set your sights on. There’s a reason America was founded on life, liberty and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. : D As far as my own happiness, I am a very happy person. Based on this article alone, I should be. My stress levels are low, […]

8 ways to “give back” this holiday season

Everywhere we turn, it seems, we hear news of the economy and the impact it’s having on every American life. At this time of year with Thanksgiving upon us and the holiday season right around the corner, it may be hard to find ways to celebrate the season without breaking the bank. Here are 8 […]

What Are Masturbation Maladies For You

Masturbation has been an area of social concern and censure throughout history. Religion teaches that procreation is the only legitimate purpose of sexual behavior. This is the moral of the story in the bible story about Onan, who was punished for “spilling his seed” on the ground rather than impregnating his brother’s wife. In 1760 […]

Question on strengthening VMO by exercises

I’m looking for some exercises that can strengthen my VMO, and I’m hoping you can help me out. I already lift weights,vertical jump training, and it was actually during squats that I noticed I was heavily favoring my left side. I went to the physical therapist, and had some things assigned…I’ve been doing them, and […]

Some Information About Nursing Schools And Their Programs

Caring for people as a profession is not given much serious thought to by our society. Nevertheless there a few special people like physicians, surgeons and nurses who dedicate themselves and their lives to the care and health of others. Becoming a accredited nurse is fairly easy for someone who is serious about it and […]

We’re Still Here

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything but that’s mainly to do with our enchantment by Matt Smith’s portrayl of the Doctor. Yes, you heard us right. We love Matt Smith as the Doctor. He’s the best Doctor since Tom Baker. Really, we’re honest. Of course that’s not to say we don’t think that […]

An Overview of Jump Higher Programs

There is a plethora of jump higher programs on internet. You will see improvement with most of them, but some are significantly better than others. This page will focus on reviews for the most popular jump higher programs out there. There is an old quote that goes something like, “If you’re going to do something, […]

Spot an Eating Disorder in Teens

I think these “signs” of eating disorder are so general and obvious.. many of us who suffer the worst with eating disorders and depression and hating our bodies/selves are silent. I never once complained about feeling “fat” or or audibly compared myself to others or mentioned my body in front of ANYONE period- because I […]