Diabetes and cloudy urine

Diabetes not only can cause glucose in urine, but may also lead to cloudy urine, that may be present with either red or white cloudy appearance, respectively, representing blood in urine and bacteriuria (pyuria).

Diabetes and urinary tract infections

Infections are the common complications in diabetes, such as purulent skin infections, fungal skin infections, Candida albicans vaginitis, pulmonary tuberculosis.

Diabetes also often lead to urinary tract infection, mostly being pyelonephritis and cystitis, which recurrently attack and thus turn to chronic inflammation, especially in female patients.

Turbid urine in diabetics due to UTI, is often showing white and cloud appearance. There are a lot of white blood cells in the urinary, as well as bacteria, pus cells.

Diabetes and kidney damage

Renal papillary necrosis is a severe complication of diabetes, but rare. This kidney damage can cause high fever, renal colic (severe kidney pain), blood or necrotic tissues in your urinary. That’s with a high death rate.

Diabetics who experience cloudy urine caused kidney damage, often shows as red and turbid appearance. That means there are blood cells in it, namely hematuria.

Diabetic nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy is a very common chronic complication, that mainly cause pathological changes in glomerulus (kidney filters). In this case, diabetic urine is characterized by high protein in it, namely proteinuria.