Does a Sun Poisoning Actually Burn Your Skin?

One thing that a lot of people wonder about sun poisoning is whether or not they actually burn your skin. In the summer months, after stepping outside it can sometimes be easy to believe that you’re cooking alive. After stepping inside from a long day in the sun, you’re usually a little pink if you used sunburn protection, and if not, it’s easy to become bright red all over. Almost everyone experiences a sunburn or even sun poisoning before they get into their teen years, and usually it’s much sooner than that, so what exactly is going on when you skin gets a sunburn?

Although most people are willing to take the risk of a sunburn in order to spend a day doing outdoor activities, most don’t actually know what’s happening to their skin. When your body tans while being in the sun, it’s actually a natural way of protecting itself. The darker your skin complexion is, the harder it is to receive a sunburn.

Think of the sun poisoning as your body’s way of healing itself from the damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet light. These UV rays from the sun are so strong they can burn through your skin and kill the cells underneath. Though your body protecting itself is a good thing, it becomes a problem when you receive too much sun in a short amount of time. It’s a good idea to learn how to properly apply sunscreen to your body so that you can have an extra layer of protection when it comes to these harmful UV rays.

So even though it sounds as though you skin is being burned, the sun poisoning isn’t actually you skin being burned. It’s more correct to think of the process as a layer of your skin dying. Most people also think that you only receive a tan after your skin has been burned. This isn’t true, as your skin actually begins to tan as soon as the sun touches it.

Are you happy or not

I think happiness is one of the highest goals to set your sights on. There’s a reason America was founded on life, liberty and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. : D

As far as my own happiness, I am a very happy person. Based on this article alone, I should be. My stress levels are low, and my relationships flourish. I watch some TV, but not very much. Maybe 2 hours a night depending on how long it takes me to fall asleep. I have irregular insomnia, so lack of sleep gets to me sometimes, but I’m working on it. As far a seeking pleasure, eh, I have a few healthy things I enjoy doing for pleasure (and one or two unhealthy things) but my heart does not maintain a spirit of want. I gave up a prestigious position and 10K a year to pick the job that made me happy. I’m still here and it’s worth every penny.

I think majorly maintaining a spirit of humility, practicality and realism is a very important part of achieving happiness. You can only be happy when you have satisfaction. You can be satisfied without all the “needs” and wants. Jessica, based on that opinion I think your mom may be happy feeling the way she does about happiness. ; ) Maybe not worrying about being happy is all it takes for her to feel satisfied in her life, and thus, happy.

There are so many ways to pursue and produce happiness, it’s impossible to list them all.

8 ways to “give back” this holiday season

Everywhere we turn, it seems, we hear news of the economy and the impact it’s having on every American life. At this time of year with Thanksgiving upon us and the holiday season right around the corner, it may be hard to find ways to celebrate the season without breaking the bank.

Here are 8 simple ideas for giving back this holiday season. Most are no-cost, some little-cost, suggestions for helping others. And we all know one of the best ways to help yourself feel better is to help someone else.

1) Donate your old cell phone to victims of domestic violence at
2) Forgive someone.
3) Tutor a budding writer at
4) Instead of giving the party hostess a bottle of wine, donate to a local charity in her name.
5) Save energy by shutting off your computer at day’s end.
6) Help fund supplies and field trips to underfunded public schools at
7) When you hear a siren, say a little prayer for the person(s) in need.
8) Use recyclable bags to grocery shop.

Give these a try and tell us about it in the comments. Or, share your ideas for meaningful, low cost, ways to “give back”.

Want more ideas?

We’re Still Here

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything but that’s mainly to do with our enchantment by Matt Smith’s portrayl of the Doctor.

Yes, you heard us right.

We love Matt Smith as the Doctor. He’s the best Doctor since Tom Baker. Really, we’re honest.

Of course that’s not to say we don’t think that Doctor Who has a lot of work to do to get to the standard that we’re hoping for, oh no.

Matt Smith may be a phenomenon and we’re going to tell you exactly why, sadly we’re going to tell you exactly why we think the show is still dreadful.

Stay tuned for that, it’s coming soon. We promise.

Some comments here:

As one of the most devout haters of Russell T Davies and his era of a “mockney”, wishy washy doctor, man-whoring his way through the universe, can i say that i whole heartedly agree. Personally, Matt Smith has come into a tie with Tom Baker and Patrick Troughton as my favourite doctor. im just dumbstruck, I’m having fun again. What’s going on? Love the Tardis, Doctor, Assistant (especially as she has no family baggage to weigh down the series in transient motherly issues), EVEN the new Daleks (YES I DO!). While, i agree that there is still much to work on, i will say this: LONG MAY NO 11 REIGN!

Well, we’ve two episodes left.

Remember how I said I hated the new theme tune? It grows on you, it really does. I don’t mind it so much, although it does still feel as if it’s missing a note at the beginning of the OO-EE-OO (more of a WEE-OO now, really). But I digress.

Most of the episodes have been half-decent ones. The only one I can say I haven’t liked at all was Vincent and the Doctor, an episode dedicated to the manual gratification of a dead artist. Pardon my French.

I loved the Dream Lord. There lied a darker side to the Doctor we haven’t seen in a long, long time. It sort of reminded me of the Valeyard, which was cool. And I couldn’t help but grin when I recognised a few hints towards the “classic” series that New-Who fans just don’t appreciate.

The “best of humanity” stuff was a bit of a throwback to Tennant’s constant “Humans”. And they could have come up with a better excuse for the Doctor to stop the buxom fish from space than, you didn’t remember Isabella’s name. Remember when we used to save different planets? No, neither can I.

I was also disappointed with the end of Flesh and Stone, where we see the Weeping Angels move. That was a very cool way to break the fourth wall, and you’ve gone and ruined it now. Also, the Angels are supposed to be fast (faster than you can believe). Why are they moving so slowly? Ah well. There’s continuity for you.

Um, Skittles brand Daleks, too-clever-by-fifteen-sixteenths assistants, and giant flying eyeballs. It’s not the Doctor Who I remember from days gone by, but it’s still pretty great.

You know the feeling when you’ve been eating chicken breast for the past few months, and then you go out and eat what seems to be the best roast ever, but only because you’ve forgotten what good roast tastes like? That’s the feeling I’ve got.

But, I’ve learned two new things through this season of Doctor Who. First, we hit bottom already, and we’re slowing learning to walk again. Second bowties are cool.

So why do I get such a bad feeling about the resolution to the series?