Eat like crazy: Britney Spears says she’s sugar free

I’m not sure if I should say this (or type it even) out loud, but I officially have something pretty big deal in common with Britney Spears.

No, it’s not blond extensions. Sadly, not even a future project with JT. It’s not fishnets (OK, we do have a love of fishnets in common, but I swear I toss mine when they’re torn and try never to wear them under jean shorts) and it’s not outbursts of the barber razor/umbrella/plowing past the paparazzi kind.

It’s our diet. Britney Spears recently spoke out about going sugar-free as a part of her reassembling-her-kooky- life commitment. Or at least shaping up her much-scorned body.

Brit Brit told OK! Magazine (what is it with the Spears sisters and that magazine?), “I’m the healthiest I’ve been all my life.”

Sure, her life’s only been 26 years long but we all know the lady’s lived a lot during that time. She went on to articulate that her goal is to “get cut,” which will be…ummm, awesome to see, I guess. Especially if she isn’t stumbling or swaying the next time we get to see her flex those abs on stage (I believe in you, girl…really, I do).

The pop star reports that she’s eating 1,200 calories a day of salmon, rice and avocados, all foods that we all know have healthy fat and other nutritional goodness that we all need and help us chase kids, award show performances and our dads down for a weekly allowance out of our own paychecks (oh, was that too much?).

To be honest, I should tell you that I am not completely sugar-free at this point, although I spent about five months off of the junk last summer. It took a solid, challenging four weeks to kick the sugar out of my system and my cravings. I stopped wanting sugar because a few bites of my son’s birthday cake or a few sips of a creamy vanilla bean shake made me feel sick and regretful. I wasn’t as extreme as Britney — she’s not even eating fruit — but I did feel and look much better after months of detoxing my system from all that white (and even raw and brown and syrupy) stuff. Since then, my sugar intake is a fraction of what it used to be, which only confirms for me that we all eat much more of it than we even realize. And while I decide whether I’m ready to return to a sugar-free lifestyle again, I will certainly be looking to our favorite hot mess as my nutritional mentor.

OK, I won’t be doing that at all. But I also won’t be smoking around my child or (did I already mention this?) pairing up with Justin Timberlake. Our commonality may be based solely on a once-sugar-free me and a currently-PRed Brit, and I’m good with the buck stopping there.

What do you think of Britney’s new meal plan? Is she really getting healthy or is this a great way to divert our attention from her unhealthy past?

Does this (or any other celeb diet plan) inspire you go sugar-free (hey, you never know when YOU might run into JT)?