Are you happy or not

I think happiness is one of the highest goals to set your sights on. There’s a reason America was founded on life, liberty and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. : D

As far as my own happiness, I am a very happy person. Based on this article alone, I should be. My stress levels are low, and my relationships flourish. I watch some TV, but not very much. Maybe 2 hours a night depending on how long it takes me to fall asleep. I have irregular insomnia, so lack of sleep gets to me sometimes, but I’m working on it. As far a seeking pleasure, eh, I have a few healthy things I enjoy doing for pleasure (and one or two unhealthy things) but my heart does not maintain a spirit of want. I gave up a prestigious position and 10K a year to pick the job that made me happy. I’m still here and it’s worth every penny.

I think majorly maintaining a spirit of humility, practicality and realism is a very important part of achieving happiness. You can only be happy when you have satisfaction. You can be satisfied without all the “needs” and wants. Jessica, based on that opinion I think your mom may be happy feeling the way she does about happiness. ; ) Maybe not worrying about being happy is all it takes for her to feel satisfied in her life, and thus, happy.

There are so many ways to pursue and produce happiness, it’s impossible to list them all.